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Toll Manufacturing

3V Sigma USA is also a provider of toll manufacturing and custom synthesis services.

Our extensive knowledge of chemistry, processes and chemical manufacturing paired with versatility and responsiveness make 3V Sigma USA a reliable partner.

From initial concept to full industrial production, we have a dedicated team of chemists and engineers that follow each step and work closely with customers to assure a cost-effective production of high qulity chemicals.

We are set up to handle both liquid and powder blends and capable of performing several organic and inorganic reactions. We also give customers extensive analytical support to ensure high quality standards are constantly met.


Our equipment and production capability

  • Reactors (stainless steel and glass lined) from 500 gals to 10,000 gals

  • Filters

  • Driers

  • Distillation columns

  • Max operating pressure 2.5 bars

  • Max operating vacuum max 10 mmHg residual

  • Max operating temperature 250ºC (482ºF)

  • Lowest operating temperature -20ºC (-4ºF)

  • Storage capability of liquid raw materials and finished products in bulk and in containers

  • Storage capability of solid raw materials and finished products in containers

  • Wastewater treatment plant


Our lab and analytical capability

  • Classic wet chemistry (pH, dry content, volatile, ashes, titrations…)

  • Viscometers


  • PSD (Particles Size Distribution)

  • Karl Fischer

  • UV Vis Spectrophotometers

  • HPLC (Liquid Chromatography)

  • GC (Gas Chromatography)

  • HS GC (Head Space Gas Chromatography)

  • Odor analysis (qualitative and quantitative) with HS GC MS

  • AA (Atomic Absorption)

  • Microscopy

  • Colorimeter

  • VOC

… and more

Examples of chemical reactions we conduct

  • Free radical polymerizations in mass

  • Free radical polymerizations in direct emulsion

  • Free radical polymerizations in reverse emulsion

  • Esterifications

  • Trans Esterifications

  • Acylations

  • Amidations

  • Trans Amidations

  • Nitrations

  • Oxidations

  • Reductions

  • Sulfonations

  • Alkylations

… and more

For more info contact one of our Sales Representative

+1 866 599 7896

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