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Pulp & Paper

3V Sigma. has successfully served the Paper industry for over 50 years. By suggesting combinations of products that work in synergy and by offering our technical expertise to optimize dosage and addition points, we have been able to support paper mills in their effort to run more efficiently and more cost effectively.

We are a world major manufacturer of optical brighteners and fluorescence quenchers.


Our OPTIBLANC paper product line entails different stilbenic based brighteners specifically designed for each step of the paper making process. 3V provides disulfonated, tetrasulfonated and hexasulfonated brighteners.

OPTIBLANC NL is a high active disulfonate chemistry that is used to obtain the highest possible brightness in both uncoated and coated paper. OPTIBLANC NL has a very high affinity for fiber and is typically added to the wet end of a paper machine. It has good stability with hard water, good light fastness and a neutral to neutral blue shade.

OPTIBLANC NF200 is a high active tetrasulfonated optical brightener. OPTIBLANC NF200 is the workhorse of the optical brightener family and can be added to the wet end, the size press and coating. OPTIBLANC NF200 can be characterized as having medium substantivity and a neutral shade. It can be added across a wide pH range (4.5 – 10).

OPTIBLANC MP is a high active hexasulfonated optical brightener that is added to the size press or coating. OPTIBLANC MP is used to obtain the highest possible brightness for all paper grades. The material has low affinity for fiber so it should only be added at the surface. Very high addition rates of OPTIBLANC MP can be achieved prior to the material greening. OPTIBLANC MP exhibits a blue-violet shade and is very effective in grades containing CaCl2 that require ColorLok certification.

3V also has a wide variety of specialty optical brighteners that can provide unique optical brightening capabilities. Some of these include modified stilbenic molecules, while others utilize proprietary carriers to enhance the performance of standard chemistries.

NOFLUOR EXTRA is a highly charged cationic quencher designed to remove residual amounts of fluorescence from optical brighteners in paper machine furnish and white water.  NOFLUOR EXTRA will quench optical brightener in relatively small doses with minimal impact of the overall charge of the paper machine system.  It can be used across all pH ranges.








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