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Personal Care

3V is a major innovator and manufacturer of specialty ingredients specifically designed for Personal Care. As a global supplier 3V has earned a reputation for on-time delivery of the highest quality ingredients available today. Through its culture of continuous improvement 3V continues to grow and excel in meeting the needs of its customers; keeping pace with the exciting and dynamic consumer market for cosmetics, toiletries and OTC/Pharmaceuticals. Through its dedication and commitment to its customers it helps them achieve commercial success in the marketplace. 3V has the functional ingredients for every application - whether you are developing the next winning product for Hair, Skin, Bath & Shower, Oral Care or OTC/Pharmaceutical.


3V offers a wide range of functional ingredients including Rheology Modifiers, Polymeric Emulsifiers, UV-Filters, Conditioning Agents, Skin Protectant, Preservatives and Antimicrobial.



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