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Concrete Additives


Acrylic Copolymer 


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Proprietary mixture


Acrylic Copolymer 


Proprietary mixture 


Calcium nitrite


Proprietary mixture 


3V provides several proprietary products to the concrete industry. We are committed to meet and exceed all industry standards, knowing the big role our products play in achieving optimum performance and safety. In addition to very stringent internal quality controls, our products undergo ASME certification every 2 years.

NIMEXOL polymers are superplasticizers used to improve strength and workability of concrete.


When used in high flow concrete applications, NIMEXOLs can significantly increase the speed and safety at which concrete is poured.
NIMEXOLs are compatible with all types of cement chemistries; and, when used appropriately, have niche applications in all segments of the concrete industry.


RSA-10 is an air entrainer used to introduce millions of tiny, uniformly sized and spaced air bubbles into the concrete matrix. RSA-10 allows for greater freeze-thaw resistance, stability, and finishing of the concrete product.


ACCELEROL 16 is a non-chloride accelerator used to decrease curing times. It is particularly useful in cold weather conditions and is very effective when double cycling of the concrete product is needed.


3V's portfolio is completed by INHIBTOL C (corrosion inhibitor) and EFFLOROL (efflorescence quencher/water- repellent).


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